Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Outreach Project CLG
This programme is for people who are motivated to move away from active and regular use of any substance including alcohol and would like one to one and group peer support in making changes.

Participants, on completion of assessment, will join all aspects of the Pre Entry Group programme structure along with attending weekly case working sessions. Within case working sessions they will develop a care plan with an assigned case worker. Participants attending the Pre-Entry programme will be supported by staff to develop their motivation as a force towards progressing into the Medically Assisted Recovery Stabilisation (MARS) programme .

The Pre-Entry programme is a rolling group programme that involves attending one weekly case working session and attendance at group sessions over 5 group days weekly to develop a care plan with SMART goals. Once a participant has completed the Pre-Entry Programme and removed all illicit/non-prescribed substances, they may progress onto the MARS programme or may determine they would like to attend a residential detox/treatment programme.

DROP will also support individuals to develop a sense of the routine and behaviour needed to engage in
the CE programme, and to familiarise individuals with working in a group setting with other group
participants. All group participants can commence the programme and their time will be monitored and following six weeks they will attend for case review with their case worker and the team leader.

In the programme, the supports and interventions will include:

  • One to one weekly case working sessions;
  • Attendance at daily group sessions on a weekly basis incorporating recovery focused
    workshops, emotional management and pro social activities
  • Attendance at group sessions on treatment options, medical or health-related issues (such as
    Hepatitis C) and motivation speaking;
  • Development of a care plan to clarify their goals in relation to their problem drug or alcohol use;
    Completion of weekly drug testing;
  • Engagement with a GP and must have a medical card to help with reducing their drug or
    alcohol use. This will be done to test their readiness and willingness to start the Reduction

If you do not have a medical card or bank account you will be assisted in making applications.

You are also encouraged to attend other support groups like NA, CA, AA or Smart Recovery in your community.