Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Outreach Project CLG

This programme is for people who are motivated to move away from active and regular use of any substance including alcohol and would like group peer support in making changes.

The Preparation programme is a group programme that aims to support participants with preparing to work in a group setting and to help prepare for the entry to the main programme. Over the course of this programme, participants will attend three group days per week and participate in a programme that is focused on short term goals around ceasing illicit substance use (including alcohol) utilising Community Reinforcement Approach and Resonance Factor exploring the relationship with substances and the effect on the person. Each client will be assigned a case worker and attend weekly 1-2-1 sessions.

In the programme, the supports and interventions will include:

  • One to one weekly case working sessions;
  • Attendance at group sessions three days per week;
  • Development of a care plan to clarify their short term goals in relation to their substance use;
  • Completion of weekly drug testing;
  • Engagement with a GP and must have a medical card to help with reducing their drug or
    alcohol use. This will be done to test their readiness and willingness to start the Reduction

If you do not have a medical card or bank account you will be assisted in making applications.

You are also encouraged to attend other support groups like NA, CA, AA or Smart Recovery in your community.