Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Outreach Project CLG
The aim of the MARS programme, is to support individuals to access their motivation to change and use this as a force to make sustainable changes in reducing and ceasing their problem drug or alcohol use.
The programme will use a harm reduction and relapse prevention approach to support participants to understanding and develop the skills needed to reduce their problem drug and alcohol use. Also, the programme provides support and group education to help participants to explore their cognitive dissonance around their relationship with drugs and their associated behaviour while developing life skills for progressing into further recovery stages, reemployment and/or further education/training.
The MARS Programme is a maximum 12-month CE programme that involves attending weekly case working sessions and participation in a modular recovery programme.  The programme runs five days per week from 9.30am-1.30pm and is Community Employment.  Participants can be referred to the MARS programme by either completing the Pre-Entry programme, or having previously attended another local addiction service and made progress towards cessation of illicit drug or alcohol use. Upon completion of the MARS programme and acquiring a drug free status, participants will progress onto the Drug Free programme if they have achieved and maintained drug or alcohol free status for a period of six weeks or earlier on receipt of drug free urinalysis.

In the programme, the supports and interventions will include:

  • One to one weekly case working sessions;
  • Attendance at modular programme sessions which including a mix of Rehabilitation evidence
    based groups, QQI and non-QQI education , Health & Wellbeing and Personal/Social
    Development programmes;
  • Development of a reduction plan within the first 12-weeks of the programme;
  • Development of a care plan to clarify their goals in relation to their problem substance(s) and
    other support needs;
  • Weekly Urinalysis, scheduled and randomised;
  • Six weekly Case Reviews and case management reviews;

The Stabilisation Programme will last for 12 months with a lot of emphasis on your rehabilitation and social & personal development.  There is also an opportunity to experience education and training modules.  On completion of the Stabilisation Programme those who have become drug free can move onto our Drug Free Programme where the focus moves towards reintegration and movement away from rehabilitation towards work experience and employment.

What a past participant said they liked about the programme:
“Being connected with people…… You can come in and talk to people. Share the support for one another. When I came to DROP I had been drug free but I didn’t know how to live clean. I look forward to coming in and seeing everyone and the atmosphere is great. I’ve come in where I would be angry ready to blow and within minutes of being here it would get better and I would be laughing. I know people from the area and I liked that. I enjoy the classes and learning. I love going through the classes and learning a lot about myself through class materials. My mind is open to something new. I like having the time to chill out and I get this in prison too. It’s about how you choose to use your time.”